Who are we?

We are Boutique, hands on, multi skilled professionals and we drive our projects from our Singapore office.

Leading the Design Team is Meriem Hall, Master Story Teller and Space Magician.

Design can take on many forms. It can be interpreted in many ways. But for it to be memorable, it must be created with passion. It must tell a story. I am first of all a storyteller, a designer, an architect and an entrepreneur. I have been in the world of design for over 25 years, starting in set design then moving into high-end retail – designing home furnishings, home wares and gifts collections. This “set the stage” for my transition into hospitality design, acquiring luxury hotel, villa and resort projects with some of the leading hotels and boutique developments in and across Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. I received my education in countries all over the world, studied in Paris at ENSA Paris Malaquais, graduating with a Master Degree in Architecture. Living in various places means constantly having to reinvent myself. Like my designs, I adapt to my surroundings, constantly reinvent myself through renewed interpretations where underlies the sum of my identities, cultures and experiences.

Founder of Meriem Hall Designs, Meriem, grew up in Africa, started her entrepreneur life in Europe, developed her Hospitality design experience in Asia Pacific and…travelled the world. As Director, she leads initial analysis and evaluation of the projects and also oversees all design conceptual works. She also undertakes a crucial advisory role to clients, ensuring that their needs are fully understood and translated into tangible results.


Why are we special?

We are storytellers and space gurus. We bring stories to life.
For us, each new project is an exercise of looking with fresh eyes at all the elements and constraints, inspiring essentials of the cultural context and the natural environment. We create a narrative that unfolds as one journey through all the spaces; overlapping stories that lie within each experience, and the story that lies within each parcel and every corner. That story becomes the structure of a project and its true intent.

From concept to design, as well as finishing accessories, every bit tells a story of the values and promises of the experience that will be delivered.

Meriem Hall Designs Pte Ltd is a luxury hospitality and commercial design company working within the top tier of brands and destinations around the world such as: St. Regis, L Hotel, Sheraton, Pullman, Villas et Chalet by Club Med, etc.


What do we do?

Consulting, Concept and Design development specializing in Hospitality interiors, Commercial and Residential interiors, Product design and development, Brand orientation, Set design, Scenography and Style direction.

We offer mainly 4 levels of services:

Shine the Light
Project and Design assessment Consultancy

Set the Stage
Project Concept Direction and master narrative

Steal the Show
Project Schematic Definition and elaboration

Spark the Stars
Full scope design project